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A new look – inside and out – for Oude Molen Cape Brandy

In line with standards laid down by the newly formed Cape Brandy Distillers Guild, Oude Molen has recently created and released new blends of its famous Cape Brandy.

Not wanting to lose a legend, we may well see René Single Cask back as a distillery limited edition run.

VS, VSOP and XO Cape Brandy have been specially formulated to preserve the heritage of thier predecessors (Solera Grand Reserve, René Single Cask and VOV Vintage Selection respectively), while moving Oude Molen as a distillery more in line with international premium brandy standards.

Oude Molen VS Cape Brandy

Retaining a high proportion of the much revered Spanish Solera matured brandy, the Oude Moles VS grade Cape Brandy continues to boast its Eurpoean lineage with a totally unique, light and fruity brandy experience. Made with Cape Brandy that has all been aged between 3 and 6 years, the soft and delicate aromas and flavours make this a truly exceptional example of a VS grade Cape Brandy.

The packaging has held on to it’s earlier bottle shape and distinguished maroon Solera colour, but has been updated with the Oude Molen Parot crest, and strong VS labeling, giving it the super premium appearance that the superb Cape Brandy inside demands.

Oude Molen VSOP

The blend for VSOP has moved away from the original formula followed for Rene Single Cask, and introduced an exciting new expression into the Oude Molen Range. The more matured brandy used lends a definite yet subtle sweetness to the brandy, vanilla and caramel being extracted from the longer wood maturation.

The bottle has received the same upgrades as its VS little brother, making these two stand tall together on the top shelf line up at your local bottle store

For those ardent Rene Single Cask Fans, do get yourself a bottle to try, you wont be disappointed. Not wanting to lose a legend, we may well bring back Rene Single Cask as a distillery limited edition from time to time. That is at least if our Cellar master gets his way’ So do keep your eyes peeled for that.

Oude Molen XO

It’s at the top of the range where the most obvious of upgrades have been made to our Cape Brandy family. The all new flagship XO brandy has come in to replace VOV as the champion of the house. A sleek new bottle design has been adopted, to match the truly unique blend that waits inside – special use of American oak barrels in some of the blend add a remarkable flavour profile to the XO, one of tropical fruit and holiday dreams. As smooth as ever from the up to 16 year old Cape Brandy inside, the XO blend is absolutely one for the true Cape Brandy Connoisseur.

The brand new and upgraded Oude Molen Cape Brandy range is available currently at Makro.

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