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Oude Molen

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Discover the Magic of the Oude Molen Distillery

Modern in appearance, with a legacy steeped in South African brandy history, the quietly unassuming Oude Molen Distillery will leave you with new perspectives and an unrivaled sense of peace.

A visit to the distillery, and tour of the cellar, is nothing short of a grandiose affair.

The story of Oude Molen brandy in South Africa is one of discovery, perseverance and dedication. It is a story that traces its beginning back to the early 1900’s, and one of the pioneering forefathers of brandy on the African continent. It is the story of René Santhagens, and is a colourful tale of opportunities grabbed with open arms, risks taken with vigour, and a life lived to its fullest.

Today, the Oude Molen brandy distillery is a fitting shrine and memory to the life, and extraordinary skill of the man commonly known as “Father” of South African Brandy. Recently renovated to adequately host the influx of visitors a global renewal of brandy interest has brought, a visit to the distillery, and tour of the cellar, is nothing short of a grandiose affair, and one René could only be most proud of.

The tranquil energy of the distillery touches you the minute you pass through the front gate, a gleaming white main house, flanked by the lushest of green grass lawns, and splattered with explosions of colour from the perfectly manicured flower beds. Entering through the front doors of the distillery, the calming experience continues, as the massive reception lounge entices you to step back in time and truly discover Rene’s world.

Distilelry Entrance

Sit down in the regal high back chairs for a cup of freshly brewed coffee, followed by a tasting board of the finest Oude Molen Cape Brandy. Expertly guided by the passionate distillery ambassadors, rest up and let the warm smooth flavours of the brandy transport you away from the current stresses of life, and indulge your senses in the extraordinary.

Tasting Room Bar

For those with a little more time, take a guided tour through the distillery itself, and gaze impressively at the huge stainless steel storage tanks, that thirstily await more wine.

Catch the gleaming copper potstills, two of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere – Long Tom and Big Bertha – looming impressively at the back of the distilling floor. If it is distilling season, even better – breath in deep the fantastic aromas of full and fruity wine being concentrated into its most rich and impressive form.


Wander slowly through the cool maturation cellars, that hold hundreds of pure oak barrels, silently, and with alchemical precision, turning their contents into the soft, golden elixir that is Cape Brandy.

See if you can hear the Angles softly giggling as they slowly sip their stolen share, admire the unique “Solera” maturation system that holds 3 vertical rows of Spanish Sherry casks and emerge spellbound into the quaint tasting room, to sample to wonders of the facility you have just seen.

If you are lucky enough, bottle your own unique blend of Oude Molen Cape Brandy, a souvenir to take away with you and save for that celebratory moment only a deluxe Cape Brandy can satisfy.

Maturation Cellar

Come visit us. The joy is in the discovery, the experience is in the history and the memories lie deep in the peace that will stay with you long after you leave us.

Your Own Journey of Discovery

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