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Oude Molen

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Oude Molen Single Cask

CASK NR. 1864
This VSOP-grade Cape Brandy was distilled in the biggest of our copper stills, Big Bertha and matured in a single American oak barrel, nr. 1864. This medium-toast, ex-bourbon barrel yielded a spirit with exceptional purity of flavour, warranting a limited release of 360 individually numbered bottles. Presented in an opulent gift box.


This VSOP is brimming with ripe pear, plum and sultana aromas. The taste is exceptionally smooth and mouth-filling. Flavours of caramel and Golden Delicious apples are lifted by hints of cinnamon and cloves, with a lingering, warm finish.

Cheese pairing

Perfect Pairing

Apple Strudel

The mature, ripe fruit flavours and the hint of cinnamon make this VSOP the perfect match for rich baked deserts such as Apple Strudel or plumb pudding.

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