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Oude Molen

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Oude Molen VS

Creatively matured using the Spanish Solera method, VS is consistently smooth with a unique sherry twist.


    The word Brandy is derived from old Dutch "Brandewijn", meaning burnt wine - a reference to its distillation and maturation in charred oak barrels.


    After a long career distilling for other people, René Santhagens finally launched his own brand - Oude Molen - in 1909.


    A stream running through his farm, powered an old mill that once stood on the property. The mill may be long gone, but Oude Molen is etched in Cape Brandy legacy.


A sherry wood and walnut nose is complemented by subtle hints of apricot, vanilla and tropical fruit. The palate is full and fruity, with overtones of spice and nuttiness. The finish is soft, characterful and long lasting.


  • The Aging

    All VS grade Cape Brandy must be matured in oak barrels for at least 3 years.
    The brandy used in Oude Molen VS is often older than this, making it an exceptional example of the VS grading.
    The French Cognac equivalent for VS is 2 years.

  • Sherry Barrels

    Some of the barrels used to mature our VS Cape brandy are originally from Spain, and were used to age fine Spanish Sherry.
    The sherry soaked wood and unique subtleties of European oak marry together to form something quite exceptional.

  • Solera System

    Three rows of Spanish Sherry barrels make up a traditional Solera System.
    The top tier is filled every year with 3 year old brandy and each year, 20% of the it is moved down the tiers and is bottled from the bottom tier.
    The brandy is blended while maturing, giving a consistent and unique complexity to our VS Cape Brandy.

Cheese pairing

Perfect Pairing

Mature Cheddar Cheese

Paired elegantly with a quality cheddar cheese, matured for 6 months or more, our VS brandy comes confidently into its own. It is softened and smoothed in the mouth, with the fruit and sherry notes accentuated in perfect harmony.

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