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Oude Molen

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Oude Molen VSOP

Fruit-laden and citrus forward, VSOP delivers a classic taste with a subtle yet luxurious sweetness.


    To comply with South African brandy legislation, a brandy must be aged at least 3 years in small oak barrels, for it can be called a brandy.


    The Oude Molen motto means "Always hitting the mark", a mantra to challenge the ordinary and forever strive for perfection.


    Copper metal produces the richest and most full flavoured brandy through careful double distillation.


Caramel, peaches and citrus on the nose follow through to a full flavoured palate of dried fruit, spices, raisins and a subtle nuttiness. The finish is long and warming with a lingering sweetness.


  • The Aging

    All VSOP grade Cape Brandy must be matured in oak barrels for at least 5 years.
    The brandy used in Oude Molen VSOP is often older than this, making it an exceptional example of the VSOP grading.
    The French Cognac equivalent for VSOP is 3 years minimum.

  • Wood & Caramel

    When oak barrels are toasted for slightly longer, more of the natural sugars from the wood are brought to the surface and caramalised.
    It's these sugars, absorbed by the brandy over many years, that give our VSOP its subtle caramel sweetness.

  • Finding Balance

    Selecting the right balance between heavy and lightly toasted barrels is the skilful art of the brandy master.
    Our small batch VSOP blend was created using specially selected barrels, with different ages of maturation to create a unique flavour profile.

Cheese pairing

Perfect Pairing

Dark Chocolate Orange

The candied orange in the dark chocolate lifts the citrus notes of the VSOP Cape Brandy and the bitterness of the dark chocolate gently enhances its nutty flavour. The resultant swallow is soft and sweet, a perfect match for a perfect Cape Brandy.

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