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Oude Molen

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Oude Molen XO

With style and finesse, our XO sets the bar for refined, elegant and opulent Cape Brandy.


    Dinner parties at the Oude Molen Farm were always a grandiose affair, with the who's who always in attendance, and Oude Molen brandy flowing freely.


    René perfected his craft in Cognac, France, and his brandy to this day is still produced in the age-old French tradition.


    What set Oude Molen brandy apart in René's day, and still does today, is many years maturation in the finest oak barrels.


Coconut and tropical fruit are present on the nose, with hints of litchi and banana, followed by peach and apricot undertones on the palate. Unsurpassed oak selection ensures a soft mouth feel with a long and rewarding finish.


  • The Aging

    All XO grade Cape Brandy must be matured in oak barrels for at least 10 years.
    The brandy used in Oude Molen XO is often much older than this, making it an exceptional example of the XO grading.
    The French Cognac equivalent for XO is 6 years minimum.

  • Cellar Altitude

    The Oude Molen Cape Brandy distillery sits high in the Hottentots Holland mountains, its higher elevation leading to a cooler climate.
    The evaporation losses are thus lower, and contribute to ideal, slower maturation conditions for longer aged XO Cape Brandy.

  • Old Barrels

    The oldest brandy in our XO Cape Brandy blend has been patiently maturing for 16 years.
    In that time almost 40% of it has been lost to the angels, and what remains of it for us to enjoy is quite simply the very best we have.

Cheese pairing

Perfect Pairing

Soft Camembert Cheese

The luxuriously soft mouth feel of the Camembert Cheese magically enhances the smooth finish of the XO Cape Bandy. The brandy in return unlocks flavours of nuts and spices in the world famous and truly decadent French cheese.

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